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Step 15: Hammock Suite Complete Overview 
 Video View Time: 12 Minutes   Average Action Time: 1-30 Minutes 

Now that you've been able to get everything set up, let's take 12 minutes to go over how everything you've created comes together. You can use this as a chance to create an extra campaign (it might take you 30-60 minutes) or just let us know in the poll below how your progress is going.

Follow the video, then click below to complete your checklist to claim your reward!

Maybe you skipped ahead?  If so, you can go back and go over previous steps below. 

STEP #1: Join Our Facebook Group
Benefit from our 5,000+ member community

STEP #2: Introduce Yourself To Your New Tribe!
Who are you, where are you from and what do you hope to get out of this adventure!

STEP #3: Discovery Time! What's Your 'Thing'?
Explore different niche ideas and which are most profitable.

STEP #4: Affiliate Account Creation
Create the accounts you need to earn the best commissions and have the best range of products

STEP #5: The More Profitable Way To Do Affiliate Marketing
How you can leverage tools for automation and more scaleable growth

STEP #6: Done For You Affiliate Funnels Overview
See inside your new affiliate funnels, plus how/why it works to save you time and money

STEP #7: Done For You Affiliate Funnels Setup
Adding your affiliate ID's into the system so you're ready to take payments

STEP #8: Choosing & Activating Your First Mission
Adding your affiliate ID's into the system so you're ready to take payments

STEP #9: Understanding & Setting Up Tracking
How and why do we use tracking in the Covert Commissions software

STEP #10: Activating Power Tracking With Google
Properly connecting Google Ads with your Covert Commissions funnel pages

STEP #11: Easy Guide To Making Video Ads That Bring in More Cash
The process and free tools you can use to make video ads that sell

STEP #12: Using Software To Find Your Target Audience 
Use our 'never before released' software to find truly targeted buyers with a couple of clicks

STEP #13: Your First Google Ad Campaign 
Get everything set up right in Google so your low cost ads can start bringing in those buyers

STEP #14: Getting Traffic Now, Whenever You Need It 
Use the bonus software you've received to create a viral campaign or tons of backlinks 

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