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Welcome To The Hammock Suite Program!
Watch The Video Below To Get Started.

 Video View Time: 4 Minutes   Average Action Time: 5-10 Minutes 

How Hammock Suite Works

Hammock Suite is your step by step program that, if you follow it all the way to the end... can open up new opportunities you might never have dreamed possible.  

There are 20 steps in total.  Just follow along and have some fun with us! 

Everything is something you're absolutely able to do, whatever your skill level, so take your time to watch each of the videos, follow the steps and be rewarded while building your own automated businesses at the same time!

This entire program will take you between 2hrs or up to 8hrs work time to complete. 

There's no time limit, it's not a race - so work it in at your own pace.  Set aside some time each day, do a piece at a time and you'll be a pro in no time! 

Each step has the following:

Video View Time: This is how long the training video will take to watch at normal speed

Average Action Time: This is how long it takes for 'most people' to complete the task.  This is just an approximate guide, so if it's taking to less time or more it doesn't mean anything... other than it being useful for you to know how to structure your work time online.  

Training Video: Each step has a video.  Watch it, follow the instructions and you're golden!

"Click Here To Complete This Step" Button: Look for the green button under each video.  Clicking this will take you to a page with a checklist.  After you have completed that checklist, you'll get your reward for taking action on that step! 

Recap of Previous Tasks: If you get stuck, or want to revisit a part of the training scroll to the bottom of the page and go direct to the source. 

Once you finish each step you'll get a reward AND another email with information about that reward for completing that task and the next step and training materials. 

Now, Let's Make Sure You've Completed This Important Task!

On our welcome page we invited you to join our Facebook group.  Now we recommend you introduce yourself to the group. 

A lot of VERY userful information will be posted there for you, in a caring/supportive community.  So it's highly beneficial that you join and connect with everyonoe. 

So click the button below, complete the task on that page and you'll get an email with information about the next step. 

Click the button below, do the task (it will take you about 5 minutes).  I'll see you there.

Maybe you skipped ahead?  If so, you can go back and go over previous steps below. 

Want to skip ahead faster?  While we don't recommend it, if you want to just skip all of the rewards, bonuses and prizes ... and get straight to the training and using the system all in one big chunk - we can help you.  Contact our support team and we'll help you out. 

STEP #1: Join Our Facebook Group

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