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$4,000+ Prizes, $488 Per Sale + Recurring Wide Appeal & Very Beginner Friendly

Access VIP Promo Tools & Launch Tips:

 LIVE: 12th of December 9am ET 
Block out SEVEN days for MAXIMUM profits!


Step-By-Step Is Good.  Challenge Is BETTER!

Hammock Suite is a 'can't fail' system that's exciting, engaging and FUN!

Hammock Suite is 14 years in the making. 

After creating almost 100 products and selling to  200,000+ members, helping MANY of those excitedly see their very first dollar made online, I've learned a few things. 

1) People dream about making money online
2) Getting started is hard, overwhelming, frustrating and ... can SUCK...
3) This frustration and negativity is bad for the industry as a whole.  When our people are succeeding they have more money, more hope, freedom and passion!

Which is why I'm excited about Hammock Suite and excited to have you partner with us.

We've removed the frustration and overwhelm by doing 99% of the work for them.  And that remaining 1%?  We've gamified it in a way we've never seen done before.

When they buy Hammock Suite they'll get their hands on an entire start to finish make money system - plus the option to join our Hammock Suite challenge, giving them tangible missions to complete in order to acheive success online AND win some awesome physical rewards in the process!

When Hammock Suite Goes Live On Dec 12th You'll Be Part Of Not Just A Launch...
But A Highly Profitable Movement!

Our program is structured to show them: 
- How Affiliate Marketing using marketing lists works 
- Why they should be building lists (giving them a done-for-you SaaS) 
- How to get traffic (giving them access to a brand new tool getting buyer leads for as little as a few cents)
- How to do it safely (giving them softwarew access & training to easy traffic hack software tools)
- How to automate, scale and grow 

We've covered everything and will be looking for great resources to recommend to our members - including products to recommend they promote, so we'll be looking for YOUR launches to send more traffic from hundreds of highly trained, engaged and empowered affiliate marketers. 

(i.e. I love to reciprocate! So keep us updated so that we can send you some love!) 

And by following our program (many of the milestones are granted just for showing up in a lot of cases), they'll be able to claim one of our Hammock Suite hammocks

So once they're set up and automated - they'll be able to chill with a nice glass of something fruity and enjoy the breeze in their very own hammock. 

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Watch A Demo Walk Through Below
Funnel Designed To SMASH Records
With High Ticket & Recurring Commissions

IMPORTANT - We reserve the right to change our funnel and prices as we see fit to ensure we maximize conversions for our affiliates.


Hammock Suite Deluxe
Front End

Customers will be given licenses with the option to:

$24.97 - $47.00

Hammock Suite
Survivor System

$27.00/m - $297

Hammock Suite
Hammock Suite Whitelabel

$197 or
split pay options

Hammock Suite


$4,000+ In Contest Prizes
Main Contest

Thurs 9am ET Dec 12th - Wed 11:59 pm PT Dec 18th
(Teams Allowed)

First Place: $2,000
Second Place: $1,000
Third Place: $500
Fourth Place: $100
Fifth Place: $100

Other Contests Will Run Throughout The Launch Subscribe on the JV page for info (and watch for updates!)


*Contest Policies: To be eligible to win one of the sales leaderboard prizes, you must have made commissions 2x or greater than the value of the prize. If this criteria is not met, then you will be awarded the price below.

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All The Tools You're Going To Need
To Storm The Hammock Suite Leaderboard
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Take Note: Calendar The 12th of Dec!
Hammock Suite Goes Live In Just...

Need Anything Else? Get In Touch…

And hit us up if you need any assistance.
Can’t wait to send those commissions and prize money your way.I’ll see you on board on 12th of Dec.

Cindy Donovan

Kim Torrefranca

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